10 Tips That Will Make Your Storing Easier

Self-storage, is a great way to store items during transition, or free up space in your home and garage. Figuring out how to pack your unit is only half the battle. To fully optimize your storage and keep everything safe, follow these steps to store your item like a pro!

  1. Make sure to use a heavy black marker to label the contents of all your boxes.
  2. If a box contains breakables or something that can easily be damaged make sure and label it fragile.
  3. If possible try and use the same size boxes because they will stack and store the most efficiently.
  4. When placing your things in storage, it is easiest if you create a map so you know where everything is.
  5. When packing your unit, leave a clear path down the center so you can reach all of your belongings easily.
  6. If you plan on accessing certain items regularly in your unit, keep them towards the front.
  7. When storing beds and furniture it works best if you place a pad with a protective material over each item to ensure their condition.
  8. There should be nothing flammable or combustible in your storage unit. This means you must drain the tank on machinery that runs on gas before you store it.
  9. Airtight containers work best when storing documents because they prevent mildew.
  10. When storing important information, backing up your files is key.

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Choosing A Size

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